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There is absolutely nothing as permanent as a temporary fix.
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        As the name suggests, Kelsey & Turner Marine Surveys is the combination of two individuals who have survived many years of dedicated service in the marine industry. Both have attained the level of Certified Marine Surveyor through one of the most recognized associations, National Association of Marine Surveyors (NAMS).  It is their sincere belief that the combined knowledge base that has been accumulated and continues to accumulate, is difficult to duplicate with regard to practical “hands on” experience in yacht inspection, repair and maintenance.   

        Tarn P. Kelsey and R. Durham Turner have lead parallel lives in the marine business with some different professional highlights. While one person can seldom claim to be a master of all, it is their hope that with differing professional backgrounds and constant interaction, they can continue to update an already extensive knowledge base.  Ultimately and most importantly, this benefits you, the client.

Kelsey & Turner Marine Surveys proudly claims a combined 70 plus years of experience in yacht maintenance, repair, rigging, engine maintenance, sail-making, stainless and aluminum fabrication, construction and vessel inspections.  It is their goal to be able to evaluate a vessel, repair project or concept, and articulate the results in realistic and practical terms.

Both Bob and Tarn have been owners/managers of marine service facilities and this prior experience translates into an ability to convey to customers the advice and strategies that match their needs.  In turn, their professional lives have revolved around all things that float, and occasionally those that would not.

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